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Are you an entrepreneur with a new business or business idea and need a website to promote it?

Are you struggling with one of those DIY website builders that claim to be fast and easy that are in actuality neither?

Or maybe you considered finding the right developer, but spending thousands of dollars just isn't in your budget?

United Pixel Pushers is a web design studio United in One goal, to provide your business with budget friendly web and multi-media connections to your customers. We do this through clean code using modern web methodologies, tools, and techniques. Our process oriented approach from market research, user experience planning and design to finally launching your site.

How WE Work

We do our research

Before we began, we take the time to understand your business needs and more importantly your target audience. Our goal is to make you and your users happy with beautifully built usable interfaces.

We design perfection

Design when done right, can communicate, engage, persuade, inspire and most importantly it connects with its viewers. Whether through web design, identity branding, printed material or social media marketing. It is a well-known fact that a split second is often all you have to steal a viewer’s attention.

Clean code

We expertly structure our HTML, CSS, and JS following the W3C standards to develop semantic and accessible websites. Why does that matter to you? First, clean code is highly scalable making future updates remarkably easy. Second, it wins you brownie points with Google along with some other SEO related due diligence on our part; it helps your future visitors find you faster

We launch the project

Whether you take advantage of our budget-friendly hosting options or chose to self-host, we make sure you have everything you need for a smooth site launch. No muss no fuss.
But wait launching website is only the start of your online endeavors, not the end.
We can check your progress and look for opportunities to optimize your presence and add new features whenever you feel the need; we're never finished helping your business grow.

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Your business right in the palms of their hands

Today, more and more people are relying on their Smartphones access to the internet, accountung for a third of all internet users. With your new site built by Untied Pixel Pushers, we put your business right in the palm of their hands.


Every site we design and developed uses "Responsive Web Design" technology so that your site will look beautiful on all devices, whether it's mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop we got you covered


You'll also be compliant with Google, which will get you higher search rankings and more customers.


All of the sites we build are 'responsive' and beautiful no matter what device your future visitor uses.

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